• Capture Release (Currently developing)
  • Punch – Part 2 of The Meat Puppets Trilogy (Currently developing)
  • Chronicle Of Silence – Vol. 1 (Currently writing. Complete first draft)
  • What Waits In The Red (Caffeine Nights Publishing, 2017)
  • Breathe – Part 1 of The Meat Puppets Trilogy (Caffeine Nights Publishing, 2015)
  • Bubble Goes Bang (Self-published, 2013)
  • Unfolding Language Of Being (Unpublished short fiction collection)
  • Fall (Unpublished novel)
  • The Malfinion Devil (Unpublished novel)
  • Savage Utopia (Unpublished novel)
  • 6 Litre V8 (Short Story – Published by Route in the Route Compendium, 2006)
  • Ishmael’s Gift (Unpublished short story)
  • William Burroughs Playtime Reserve (Unpublished short story)


  • The Hanging Of Lavinia Fisher – working title (Feature. Commissioned by producer Anthony Short, adapted from ‘Six Miles To Charleston’ by Bruce Orr. Production slated for 2018)
  • Sinister Gentleman (Short. Commissioned by producer/Director Katie Enright. Production slated for 2018)
  • Breathe (Unproduced feature. Winner: Best Unproduced Screenplay, Berlin International Filmmakers Festival)
  • What Waits In The Red (Feature. Winner: Best Screenplay, Nice International Filmmakers Festival, produced by Tycho Pictures, 2017)
  • Pandora Sleeps (Unproduced feature. Development supported by the Screen Arts Institute)
  • Celeste (Unproduced Feature. Development supported by North Sea Screen Partnership)
  • Transgression (Unproduced feature. Development supported by Screen South)
  • Transgression Chapter (Unproduced short)
  • Ksana (Unproduced short)
  • Sardines (Unproduced short)
  • Lingo (Unproduced short)
  • Samsa Wandelt Um (Short. Winner: Best Editing, 2 Days Later. Rights acquired by Shorts International, 2010)
  • Top Tramps (Short)
  • Charlie (Short)