David Ince is a multi award-winning filmmaker and best selling novelist. He won Best Feature Screenplay at the Nice International film festival 2017 for What Waits In The Red. The movie, David’s first feature as a writer/director, also won the Festival Director’s Choice Award at the Unrestricted View Film Festival in London, and Best Visual Effects at the Hollywood Dreamz festival in Las Vegas. The film was Runner-Up in the Best Foreign Film category at the Action On Film Festival, and has also won two Best Actor awards and received many additional nominations, including four for Best Feature.

David won a Best Unproduced Screenplay award for Breathe at the Berlin International Filmmaker’s Festival of World Cinema in 2017. His spec screenplay Pandora Sleeps won the same award in London in 2018, and he was nominated again in Nice 2018 for the feature adaption of his new novel, This Raging Silence. Most recently, David won Best Director at the London International Filmmaker’s Festival of World Cinema 2019 for Sleigh My Name. The film has won many additional awards in Europe and America.

David has written commissioned shorts and feature length screenplays for producers in Los Angeles and Atlanta. He is currently editing Sardines, his latest short film, developing new feature length projects, and finalising his new novel, This Raging Silence.

David spends most of his time in and around London and other European cities.

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